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  • I Need My Teacher To Learn 5.0

    I Need My Teachers To Learn was Written and Performed by Kevin Honeycutt and produced by Charlie Mahoney (who also played percussion, bass, and Piano). This has gone through many incarnations, but after hooking up some good mics and recording equipment, I think we have a keeper. This recording includes background vocals from the Turning Point Learning Center Choir, which is composed of our virtual and face-2-face students.
    This version is the combined work of many people. I want to thank Charlie Mahoney, Jennifer Miller and others who contributed. Thanks to the TPLC choir kids for the background vocals!

  • Featured Video: Believe
    This video was produced by Broadcast Media Group ( for the Starkville (MS) School District ( (Credits: Laura Crum, lead editor/producer. Nicole Thomas, SSD and Robbie Coblentz BMG, producers. Techincal details: Shot on DVCProHD with Brevis lens adaptor and Nikon lenses; edited with Apple Final Cut Pro.)

  • I'm using the Label Tool in Moodle to create this label to be able to highlight/feature some of my favorite YouTube videos for educators.

    This is an excellent, thought-provoking video presentation created by Bob Sprankle for BLC09 entitled "Tear Down the Walls." What should 21st century schools look like? What would they look like if students designed them? The video is entertaining and engaging, and provides many talking points for considering ways to make learning more engaging for students! He challenges us to step outside the box and make our classrooms/schools a place where students want to bang on the doors early in the morning yelling "open up-let us in" rather than a place they're trying to escape. Are we up for the challenge?

Available Courses

  • This course allows guest users to enter  
    Learn how to use screencasting to become a “Teacher on Demand.” This session will guide viewers through the use of screencasts to deliver engaging content for online learning. You will discover the advantages of recorded tutorials, illustrated lessons and just-in-time learning using screen recording software including many free online tools. Viewers will be able to apply these concepts to creating their own online instructions and presentations for and with their students. The free screen recording software Jing (among others) will be featured in this course. You will also be introduced to the concept of the "flipped classroom" and examples of how it is being used. This is a beginner course and intended for those who are new to screencasting.
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    Moodle course created by Miguel Guhlin that converts a 4 day event into a Moodle course. Colleagues who collaborated in the original
    effort include Jim Baldoni, Jennifer Faulkner, Dr. Alice Owen-Farsaii.
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    Course created from template shared by Kristy Vincent during Moodle session at VTC10, Nov. 10, 2010.
  • Welcome to the Connected Leadership Moodle Meet online conference.

    Together we will explore what it means to be a connected leader through PLNs, engaged parents, and affecting change as a change agent.
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    Welcome to the Exploring Web 2.0 class. This site has been developed to assist others in acquiring knowledge about Web 2.0 topics. In essence, I would like you to learn something. This course was developed to be delivered to staff of the Peoria Unified School District. However, it will be made available to the world to use and learn.
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    Guiding principles about this course.
    Discovery of new tools, new media, and new ways of working.
    Being a learner in the 21st Century.
    Collaboration and open discussion of ideas.
    The learning should be participatory, active, and very much a "learn by doing" model.

    The more a teacher learns about web2.0, the better the position they are in to work out how it might work in the classroom.
  • Course created by Lorna Costantini and Kim Caise for elearncenter
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    Traditional photography course taught using digital cameras and photo editing software.
  • This a course under construction which will be provided to the GEOSS project for other teachers to utilize. The course is designed with two goals in mind 1. to provide sample resources about acceptable use and internet safety that could be utilized in the classroom, and 2. to provide additional resources for teachers looking to teach better research practices to their students. For more info just shoot Joe Thibault an email.
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    Scratch aims to teach programming skills through a simple and fun to use interface. Simply 'drag n drop' building blocks to animate and control media such as graphics and sounds.
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    Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in real-time events, complete with audio, chat, desktop sharing, and sometimes even video.Our weekly Saturday show with hosts Peggy George, Kim Caise and Lorna Costantini!
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    Multimedia and Moodle

    Topics include - Audio, Video, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Flash, video conversion, Photostory, TeacherTube Images etc…

    Note: The information contained in this Moodle course was designed to be used in an in person class.The student used the content in this course to recreate their own multimedia items then load their work into another Moodle class.All instruction was delivered in person.

    For information on using this course on your own LMS, see the "Read Me" file located inside this course.
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    Course designed by Diana Benner for MoodleMoot and graciously shared as open source for educators to install on our own Moodle sites. If you have ever wondered how to put your course online, this session is for you. This session will guide participants in developing online courses in the Moodle environment. Participants will learn about Dallas ISD's Moodle Course Design Academy and see how Moodle is being used to implement critical elements in online courses to maximize student outcomes.
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    Course created by Paula Clough

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Peggy George
Classroom 2.0 LIVE-May 2, 2009-Managing Social Networks
by Peggy George - Friday, 21 May 2010, 12:03 AM
The topic this Saturday (May 2nd) is "Managing Social Networks" with special guest, Angela Maiers - author of the book, Classroom Habitudes. Please join us for some great information and tips about managing social networks and the concept 'Inbox Zero'. More information and session details are at If you're new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Elluminate and how to navigate the site to find the archives of previous shows and resources. Each show begins at 12pm Eastern.

Course categories

Course categories

This Moodle site has been created to explore Moodle capabilities for online professional development courses and communication. It is primarily a sandbox for my own learning but I am beginning to add some courses that have been shared by others under Creative Commons licensing as starting points for self-paced professional development for educators interested in learning more about Web 2.0 tools and resources.
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